Interior lighting plays a major role in the aesthetic of your home or business. But how much time have you spent selecting the fixtures that are in each room? Are you overwhelmed just by walking through the lighting aisle at a home improvement store? Then hiring a lighting designer may be a good move. What does a lighting designer do and how can they help with your residential lighting design? Carolina Electrical Supply Company sells designer lighting fixtures and provides custom lighting design. Here’s a little bit of background on what we do and why it matters.

  • What do lighting designers do? Lighting designers choose the style and placement of designer lighting fixtures for a property’s interior. A lighting designer combines electrical knowledge, architectural and interior design techniques, and knowledge of the latest technology to give your space the best lighting possible.
  • Why is good lighting design essential for your home? Lighting has a real impact on a room’s appearance and mood. For example, your living room will need different lighting fixtures than your kitchen or bathroom. An expert in residential lighting design will assess your needs and make recommendations so your lighting will be beautiful, functional, and comfortable.
  • Why is it important for businesses? Lighting subtly communicates to your customers and employees about your business. Companies need a lighting designer who knows how to match the fixtures to the setting. The wrong lighting can send a different message than you intended about the environment they’re in.

If you’re in the market for lighting fixtures, why not work with a custom lighting designer for the best results possible? Call Carolina Electrical Supply Company today. Our designers work with electrical contractors and electricians in Rock Hill, SC on all types of lighting projects. You’ll be amazed at the difference our professionals can make!