Winter is not known for its gentleness. In fact, the harsh weather can take a real toll on many of your home’s systems, especially your electricity. While having electrical supplies on hand is a good idea, you should also know which problems to look out for. Carolina Electrical Supply Company wants you to be aware of these four common electrical problems that you may face this winter:

1. Power outages

Winter can bring some very unpredictable weather. Fierce winds, ice, and snow can lead to widespread power outages. Get your home ready for what’s ahead by installing a generator and purchasing other emergency electrical supplies.

2. Static electricity

Static electricity seems harmless when you get a little shock. But it can cause problems in some circumstances. For instance, it can cause damage to electrical outlets or electrical components that may already have problems. Fight back against static with the help of a home humidifier.

3. Circuit breaker trips

Your circuit breaker can really get punished this time of year thanks to higher electrical usage. When your home’s electrical system gets overloaded by holiday lights or your heating unit, circuit breaker trips can occur. Try to be conscious of your electrical usage this winter.

4. House fires

House fires often occur due to outdated equipment and space heaters. With this in mind, consider purchasing newer appliances or getting new electrical components installed. Keep space heaters away from flammable items and always be cautious when using them.

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