CESCO sells residential electrical supplies for any place that people live. It doesn’t matter whether you own a home, manage a condo rental property, or lease an apartment. We have the supplies you need to keep your electrical systems working properly.

Partnering With the Best Electrical Supply Brands

At Carolina Electrical Supply Company, we take pride in partnering with only the best brands. Our goal is for all of our customers—no matter whether they do residential, commercial, or industrial work—to have complete trust in the quality of the products they purchase from us.

It’s critical that electrical work be done to certain standards so that dangerous accidents or malfunctions can be avoided. Another crucial part of doing the job is to use the right products. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to recommend the best parts you need for your next job. We’re also able to stand behind everything we sell since we sell only top quality components from the best names in the electrical supply manufacturing industry.