Whether small or large, a chandelier can really bring the look of a room together. These light fixtures can truly transform an ordinary space into one that’s quite stunning. While installing a chandelier will make your room seem elegant and modern, it doesn’t have to come at the expense of your energy bill. Here are some facts on energy-efficient chandeliers from Carolina Electrical Supply Company, one of the leading lighting stores in our area.

LED chandeliers are a winning option

For homeowners looking for either a contemporary or classic aesthetic without wasting energy, LED chandeliers are the way to go. These models of light fixtures are often preferred over other varieties. They offer better function and capabilities while saving you money. Currently, it’s estimated that the bulbs in an LED chandelier have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Retrofitting antique chandeliers

Many homeowners have an antique chandelier that they absolutely love. What if you want the energy-saving benefits of a newer model without having to give up the light fixture you love? Retrofitting may be an option. This process refits the fixture so you can use LED bulbs instead of the traditional incandescent ones. Just keep in mind that this can be an expensive route to take and may not produce the same results as buying a new fixture.

Find the right chandelier for your home. Visit Carolina Electrical Supply Company and check out one of the most well-stocked lighting stores in the Rock Hill and Charlotte area.