Lighting design and quality play a large part in a home’s overall look, feel, and even value. However, it’s surprising to know how much lighting affects you throughout your day. Carolina Electrical Supply Company has some information to share about the role your home’s lighting plays in your personal well-being:

How does lighting play a role in physical safety?

This is an obvious, yet often overlooked factor of lighting. It’s true that you need light in order to see, but if you place them in the wrong area you can create areas of poor visibility. Areas that are improperly lit can create hazards, resulting in trips, falls, or strained eyes. This is why it’s essential to carefully plan the layout and design of your home’s light fixtures.

How can lighting design affect your emotions?

Not only does lighting design affect your physical well-being, it also plays a large role in your mental health. Studies show that light fixture placement can generate either positive or negative emotions in a room.

This is a very basic overview of how lighting affects your life. To learn more or to get lighting design advice, visit CESCO. Our custom lighting designers will help you find the perfect fixtures for your home.