Are you trying to decide which lighting fixtures would look best in your home? There are so many options available at any residential electrical supply store, which can be overwhelming. But if you don’t know about all the different types of lighting fixtures you can add to your home’s decor, you could miss out on fixtures that would be perfect for your home’s custom lighting design. As one of the Carolinas’ leading providers of electrical contractor supplies, the staff at CESCO wants to help you get the best lighting for your home. Check out this list of some common types of residential lighting fixtures:

  1. Architectural – This style of lighting works with a room’s specific structure. There are three different styles of architectural lighting: valence, soffit, and cove.
  2. Track – Multiple lights stacked together in a “track” formation are usually mounted to a ceiling. The light heads are usually adjustable, too.
  3. Pendants – Pendants are suspended or hanging light fixtures. They can be usually found in common rooms such as kitchens or dining rooms. They add a very elegant look to any area.
  4. Recessed – This thin band of light is installed above or into the ceiling to create accent or ambient lighting. But take note – you’ll need serious insulation with this type of fixture.
  5. Undercabinet – Just as the name suggests, these lighting fixtures are installed under cabinets. They’re especially helpful in kitchens!

If you’ve looking for the perfect lighting fixture for your home, call or come by CESCO’s residential electrical supply store today. Our in-house custom lighting design team can answer any questions you have and help you find the right lighting fixtures that will fit your home’s aesthetic and functional needs.