Your bathroom is one of the most visited areas in your home. Since you spend hours each week getting ready, it only makes sense to have proper lighting in this room. But in addition to the light itself, you also want your lighting fixtures to look good. Here are three types of lighting you need in your bathroom according to our experts here at Carolina Electrical Supply Company in Rock Hill, SC:

  • Task lighting – This type of lighting provides direct light to an area. It’s perfect for your vanity. Installing two of these fixtures on either side of a mirror often offers the best results. However, make sure you talk to us about the bulbs for your task lighting. The intensity of the lighting can greatly affect the way you look in the mirror.
  • Accent lighting – As the name suggests, this style of lighting is perfect for highlighting certain bathroom features. These fixtures look especially tasteful and modern as mounted lights. With this in mind, it’s best to use accent lighting to subtly bring attention to a piece of art, a door frame, or other main feature of the room.
  • Ambient lighting – A classic bathroom lighting choice, ambient lighting is designed to light the entire bathroom space. It can also offer many stylistic benefits to a bathroom. By adding a dimmer, you can softly change the tone of your bathroom to one that’s warm and relaxing. These lighting fixtures are best installed as ceiling lights.

Wondering how to incorporate bathroom lighting fixtures into your home? Give Carolina Electrical Supply Company a call or come by our Rock Hill, SC store today to explore our custom lighting design services. The expert lighting design team at our lighting supply house near you will help you choose the best fixtures for your bathroom.