Today’s homeowners don’t just use lighting fixtures to make sure they can see. They also want them to have pizzazz! At CESCO, our lighting store keeps up with the latest trends for lighting fixtures in order to offer our customers the best in custom lighting design. Here’s a list of the top interior lighting trends of 2017:

  • The mid-century look is back – This ’70s classic style is back in many of today’s modern homes. If you’re going for a timeless look with clean lines, this is the light fixture style for you.
  • Minimalist LED lights are on the rise – We’re finding that more and more of our customers prefer minimalist LED lights. These fixtures have become trendy not only because of their sleek look, but also because they’re highly functional.
  • Gold is the new silver – Silver fixtures and hardware are a thing of the past. Gold is the hot new color choice. That’s because it creates subtle tones and adds warmth to a room while giving your home a chic look.
  • RLMs and the “industrial look” – Curvy fixtures on your walls are a very hip and fun trend we’re seeing in 2017. These are referred to as RLMs (Reflective Luminaire Manufacturer). You may also hear it referred to as the “industrial look.” Adding this style of fixture will give your home a progressive, modern vibe.

Looking to upgrade your existing lighting fixtures or outfitting a new home? Give CESCO a call and let our team of custom lighting design experts come and help you create the interior of your dreams!