Replacing a light switch is just as easy as replacing a light fixture or electrical outlet. As one of the top residential electrical supply stores in Rock Hill, SC, the team at Carolina Electrical Supply Company is always trying to help both electrical contractors and do-it-yourselfers with their lighting needs. Here are three tips you need to remember before you replace a light switch:

  1. Make sure the power is off – We can’t stress this enough. Make sure you turn the power off before you start any electrical project. This is the single most important step you will take–and your life depends on it.
  2. Determine the right switch for your needs – There are five different types of switches: single pole, double pole, three-way, four-way, and dimmer. Talk to us about your lighting needs and we’ll help you find the correct switch.
  3. Gather the correct tools – You’ll need some tools to complete this project: a screwdriver, needle nose pliers, multimeter (to test to see if the power is off), and the switch you plan to install. Go to an electrical contractor supply near you to get the things you need.
  4. Follow the process  First, take off the light switch plate. Use your multimeter to double check to make sure that your power is completely off. Remove the old switch and connect the wires to the new one.

Need help getting the correct electrical supplies for your projects in the Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and Charlotte area? Call CESCO today! Our residential electrical supply store can get you the exact light switch you need for your home.