If you’re an electrical contractor, you know that spring can be one of the trickiest times of the year. As Mother Nature awakens, there are all types of electrical problems that can arise. The electrical suppliers near you at CESCO in Rock Hill, SC can help. Here are three common electrical issues that folks will face this spring:

  • High Winds – Gusty winds are common during spring thunderstorms. While the winds themselves may not pose a problem, they can blow trees over onto power lines. These sudden changes in the power supply can cause surges that damage the electrical system in a home or business.
  • Lightning – The same applies to lightning. A strike near a power pole or substation can cause a fluctuation to the power as it enters a building. We have all the components you need to make these types of repairs for your residential or commercial customers.
  • Pests – Pests like rats, mice, and squirrels begin to stir around in the spring. They may nest in attics and chew on electrical wiring, causing flickering lights and the threat of fire. Stop by our electrical supplies store to get new wiring for your customers.

If you’re an electrical contractor who needs supplies to make springtime electrical repairs, visit Carolina Electrical Supply Company. Our trusted electrical suppliers near you have all the parts and tools you need for the job.