Electrical contractors have busy days filled with many different types of jobs. If this is how you make a living, it’s necessary that you have contacts at an electrical supply near you. Why is this so important? As it turns out, an electrical supply company offers many valuable services. CESCO is your go-to electrical supply in Rock Hill, Charlotte, and surrounding areas of the Carolinas. Here are three ways we can help you if you’re a local electrician.

  1. We have large quantities of electrical supplies in stock – Electrical supply companies act as distributors, meaning we receive inventory in bulk. Manufacturers like us because we take stock off their hands. In return, they give us competitive pricing. We store our inventory in a large warehouse so electricians have easy access to the supplies they need to order.
  2. We offer routine and emergency supply deliveries – Speaking of orders, we’re able to deliver electrical supplies to your business when you need them. Got a big job coming up? Tell us what you need and we’ll bring it to you. Run into a problem and need extra supplies in a hurry? Our emergency delivery service will take care of you.
  3. We’re a storehouse of electrical information – Our staff has extensive knowledge of the products they sell. We’re able to provide our customers with detailed information and advice about our supplies. You won’t find that level of expertise at a big box store.

When you need to get the job done right, go to a locally owned electrical supply near you like Carolina Electrical Supply Company. We’ll get you the electrical components, lighting supplies, and other things you need to be successful.