Smart lighting is one of the latest developments in home automation. It’s also one of the fastest growing segments of the lighting industry. Experts believe that the global market for smart lighting will grow from $10.55 billion in 2015 to $51.05 billion in 2025.

So what’s driving the growth of this particular type of lighting? For starters, the cost of the materials used in smart lighting have decreased dramatically. That makes it more affordable than ever before for residential and commercial customers to install these systems. The cost savings only grow when you consider the increased energy efficiency. You’ll see a noticeable savings on your power bill every month.

The convenience offered by these systems is also very attractive to many consumers. All types of options are available, making it simple to customize your lighting system to meet your family’s particular needs. With today’s advances in technology, you’re able to control not just the time your lights go on and off, but also their brightness and color. Install occupancy sensors so lights come on when you enter a room and off when you exit. Add dimmers to save even more money and create atmosphere in your home.

Prices vary depending on the solutions you choose. Some options control your lighting through wired networks, while some put you in control from anywhere in the world via a wireless connection. You’re only limited by your imagination!

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