Your breaker box is the hub of your home’s electrical system. However, a unlabeled or mislabeled breaker box can cause real problems. With this in mind, a weekend spent relabeling your breaker box is completely worth it. As your local electrical supply store in Rock Hill, SC, Carolina Electrical Supply Company has some tips on how to get the job done:

  1. Take a picture – Before you get started, take a picture of your breaker box labels. Should you need to double check something, you can refer back to the picture.
  2. Be specific – When tackling this job, it’s important to create clear labels. While it’s important for you to quickly recognize what a label might mean (such as including a family member’s name), consider how an outside source might interpret it. Instead, change the label to something more clear-cut (such as “hall bathroom”).
  3. Include numbers – Make sure you have a number associated with every label. Generally, breaker boxes come with their own numbers listed above or below the circuits. If your box doesn’t have numbers, add your own as this will help you keep track of your labels in the future.

If you need to pay a visit to an electrical supply store to complete this project, visit Carolina Electrical Supply Company. Our experienced staff will help you get the supplies you need for all your projects in the Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and Charlotte areas of the Carolinas.