If you’re building a home, going through a home remodeling project, or simply making a few upgrades around the house, you want to get the best products while saving the most money possible. But what if we told you that you could actually get cash back on your tax return or from your electric company simply by choosing a particular product for your home? There are many rebates available for today’s homeowner, including several for installing energy efficient lighting. As one of the leading residential electrical supply houses for electrical contractor supplies, CESCO wants to make sure you know about this important benefit. Here are some of the ways you can find out about rebates for energy efficient lighting, and why you need to contact our residential electrical supply today to order these things for yourself or your clients:

  • Do your research Look online to find out what rebates are being offered for this year. Due to changes in the tax laws and energy supplier programs, what was eligible for a rebate last year may not qualify now. Some rebates also have an expiration date, so keep that in mind.
  • Ask questions – Don’t be afraid to ask your electrical contractor about current rebates. Top-rated companies will be up-to-date with the current rebates being offered by local, state, and federal authorities. They’ll be happy to give you advice about whether taking advantage of these programs is the right move for you. Contractors want to make sure you’re 100 percent satisfied with your lighting – not just with how it lights your home but how it can save you money too!

Are you looking to invest in energy-efficient lighting? Let our experts in electrical contractor supplies help you find the perfect items for your home improvement project. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your new lighting. Call or visit the residential electrical supply warehouse at CESCO today!