When you experience a sudden loss of power at your residence, several things go through your mind. Do you have a faulty fixture or breaker? Or is the power outage widespread? Whenever you lose power at your home, it’s important to keep calm before taking any action, including visiting a residential electrical supply store. Here are six things you should do if the power goes out:

  1. Confirm that the blackout is only at your location. If this is the case, check your electrical panel or breaker box to see if anything’s tripped. If nothing appears out of place, you may need to make repairs and purchase new residential electrical supplies.
  2. Turn all your appliances and electronic equipment off. This will help you avoid any power surges when the electricity is restored.
  3. Don’t open your refrigerator or freezer. If the outage affects your kitchen, keep these doors closed so your food will be safe for longer.
  4. Turn off all light switches. This will save your light bulbs and fixtures if a power surge occurs.
  5. Always turn off the main circuit breaker before turning on a generator. Generators are great but must be used properly. Follow all the manufacturer’s instructions before turning on your generator.
  6. Evacuate if needed. If you smell smoke or see other signs that there may be an electrical fire in your home, don’t wait. Get out and call 911.

When power failure occurs it’s normal to be anxious. You don’t know the cause and you don’t know if any damage has been done. But by following these suggestions and staying calm, you’ll make it through. And if any electrical components were the cause of the outage or were damaged as a result, visit CESCO. We’re a complete residential electrical supply store in Rock Hill, SC and we’re here to help you.