We often take the lighting in our homes for granted. But did you realize that there are a number of different lighting zones and codes that affect which types of lighting fixtures you should use? , Carolina Electrical Supply Company in Rock Hill, SC wants to help you understand a little more about these requirements.

What are lighting zones, codes, and ratings? Zones, ratings, and codes ensure that different types of lighting fixtures will work safely when they’re installed near your plumbing. Before starting a bathroom remodel, it’s vital that you take the time to research these regulations. Should you install a fixture without following these standards, you can put your home at risk for fire and other dangers.

Can I install lights close to my tub and shower? In areas that electricians call “wet locations” near your shower or tub, you need to use certain approved lighting fixtures. These fixtures are designed for these spaces and will pose less of a danger if they come in contact with water. If you need help locating these types of fixtures, call our lighting and electrical supply experts.

What should I install around my sink? For areas considered “damp locations” such as your bathroom sink, you need to use fixtures labeled as approved by UL or ETL. These labels certify that a fixture has been tested and proven to handle light to medium exposure to moisture.

If you need additional advice about the different types of residential lighting fixtures you can use in your household, contact CESCO today. We’ll help you understand zoning, rating, and code information, plus offer you the best electrical supplies to complete your projects.