Just like your living room, your kitchen is one of the most popular spots in your home. It’s not only where you cook but it often winds up being the place to hang out during any gathering. But your appliances and cabinets aren’t the only things that influence the appearance and mood of your kitchen. You also need the right interior lighting. The custom lighting design experts at Carolina Electrical Supply Company in Rock Hill, SC have three kitchen lighting tips to share with you.

  1. How to light your food prep spaces – These areas need a mixture of ambient and layered lighting. You have to be able to see clearly in these spaces to properly and safely prepare your food.
  2. How to light your countertops and sinks – On the other hand, your countertops and sinks don’t need the same amount of light. It’s best to use direct lights or task lighting in these spaces. For example, task lighting is a great way to highlight your counters, making them more inviting space for family and friends.
  3. How to light your dining spaces – Many homes have an open floor plan where the dining room is directly accessible and visible from the kitchen. Highlight your dining room by placing a chandelier or other prominent lighting fixture in this space.

Create a luminous, inviting kitchen by finding the right interior lighting at Carolina Electrical Supply Company in Rock Hill, SC. Our custom lighting designers will help you choose the perfect kitchen lighting fixtures to make this space perfect for cooking and socializing.