Just like your living room and kitchen, your dining room is one of the most special places in your home. It’s where family and friends gather for a good meal and where wonderful memories are made. That’s why choosing the proper lighting for this area is so important. Here at Carolina Electrical Supply Company, we’re experts in lighting in Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill, SC. Here are three tips from our lighting designers on choosing the best lighting for your dining room:

  1. Focus on the table – What’s the focal point of any dining room? If you said the table, you’re right! Your table is the center of attention and it’s best to find lighting that highlights it. Task, ambient, and accent lighting are all good solutions to consider.
  2. Think about adding dimmers – If you’re looking to create a peaceful, comforting atmosphere in your dining room, dimmers are the way to go. Dimmers allow you to subtly change the mood of your dining room.
  3. Consider adding a chandelier for balance – Finally, consider installing a centerpiece chandelier. A chandelier will immediately draw your guests’ eye to the dining table while also providing a balanced look to the room.

Still not sure of the best light fixtures for your dining room? The custom lighting designers at our lighting stores can help. Come to Carolina Electrical Supply Company whenever you need residential or commercial lighting in Charlotte, NC or Rock Hill, SC.