You want your bedroom to be a place of comfort and refuge. But have you spent as much time considering the lighting as you have the furniture and accessories? The lighting designers at Carolina Electrical Supply Company know all about lighting in Charlotte, NC. Here are three bedroom lighting tips for you to consider.

  1. Include task lighting – Task lighting is designed to bring functional light to a particular area of a room. Do you enjoy reading before you go to sleep? Consider adding a lamp to your nightstand. Would you like to have a clearer view of what’s in your closet? See if you can add a light to the ceiling of your closet or under the shelves.
  2. Softer lighting is better – Ambient lighting brings a softer feel to bedrooms. Overhead lighting with glare resistance is popular for today’s bedrooms. Dimmers are, too. Talk to a lighting designer about which light fixtures are best for your bedroom’s design.
  3. Light fixtures can enhance your decor – Floor lamps, sconces, and other light fixtures can add the finishing touch to your bedroom’s decor. Visit lighting stores in Charlotte for the best selection and professional advice.

Do you need lighting in Charlotte for your bedroom, kitchenliving room, or dining room? Visit Carolina Electrical Supply Company to see our wide selection of light fixtures for your home.