When it comes to modern light fixtures, track lighting is at the top of the list. These fixtures can be placed so that they highlight the best features of a room. But how can you best use track lighting in your home? CESCO’s lighting designers have some of the top ways you can incorporate this style in your home


Track lighting is a good fit for hallways. the fixtures provide just enough light for these narrow spaces. In fact, these lights often work best when placed in more confined areas. A single fixture placed in a hallway can offer a subtle elegance to an otherwise overlooked area.


Kitchens are the perfect setting for this type of lighting. Lights can be pointed at various areas, such as countertops and islands. Your kitchen is a place where people gather, so give it the spotlight it deserves.

Family Rooms

TV stands, pieces of art, play areas, reading nooks – there are plenty of ways to incorporate track lighting in a family room.


Track lights are also a great choice for bathrooms. Place track lighting over a vanity mirror and be amazed at how it illuminates the space.

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