Next to the living room and the kitchen, hallways are one of the most frequently visited areas in your home. Your halls are transitional spaces between individual rooms or entire areas of your home. But that doesn’t mean they should be overlooked. Hallways are excellent places to try out custom lighting design. As a lighting store near you in Rock Hill, SC, Carolina Electrical Supply, has tons of ideas for how to create beautiful, functional halls. Here are just a few:

  1. Minimalist/Industrial – One of today’s top trends, minimalist or industrial lighting adds a smooth, modern look to your home. These fixtures are subtle additions to any hallway.
  2. Sconce Lighting – A classic choice, this type of lighting fixture is usually installed on the sides of your hallway. Sconces come in a variety of different styles to enhance any decor.
  3. Foot Lighting – Foot lighting is incredibly helpful for those who are night owls or those who need help seeing in the dark. But it’s adds a very dramatic touch to your hallways, especially those that include a staircase.

Are you looking for residential electric lighting fixtures for your hallway or home? Call CESCO lighting today and learn about all the different products and services we offer at our Rock Hill, SC store. Our team of custom lighting design professionals will help you select just the right fixtures.