Many of us have lamps in just about every room in the house. Whether it’s an antique or a newer model, when your lamps go on the blink, you want to get them fixed. As one of the top electric suppliers near you in Rock Hill, SC, Carolina Electrical Supply Company wants to help. Here are our tips on how to fix a broken lamp:

  1. Understand the lamp’s design – From the base to the shade, your lamp has six components: a cord that runs through the neck, a socket cap, an underwriter’s knot, a socket with terminals and the switch, an insulating sleeve, and a socket shell.
  2. Take the lamp apart –  Before you start the repair, you’ll need to break the lamp down into its sections. Make sure you carefully detach the old cord and safely store the other parts.
  3. Get the right tools – Tools you’ll need for the project include scissors or wire cutters, a screwdriver, and the new cord, socket or other parts that need replacing. Always talk to electric suppliers near you about the project you’re working on. They’ll be able to offer you advice on what you need.
  4. Fix the lamp – Finally, it’s time to fix the lamp. Replace the broken lamp piece, put it back together, and run a couple of tests. If it doesn’t work, check to see if you need other parts replaced, then try it again.

If you’re taking on an electrical project and you need the electrical supplies to get it done, call CESCO today! Our electrical supply store near you serves the Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and Charlotte areas of the Carolinas.