Trying to figure out what to do over the Labor Day weekend can be an activity in itself! Why not use those three days to get ahead on some household projects? Carolina Electrical Supply Company has a few suggestions to get you started. So grab your electrical contractor supplies and check out these projects that can be easily accomplished over a long weekend:

  1. Replace a light switch – Replacing a broken or old light switch is a straightforward process that can be done in a weekend. This may seem like a minor upgrade, but you’ll notice a difference when you turn on the light and everything works perfectly – or that your dirty, dingy switches are now bright and clean.
  2. Replace a light fixture – If you’re looking for a new way to spruce up a room, why not change up your lighting fixtures? You’d be surprised by how much a new light fixture can change the personality of a space. The process is pretty simple and is easy to do in an afternoon.
  3. Replace an outlet – There’s nothing more frustrating than plugging something in only to find out that the outlet doesn’t work! Spend a few hours this weekend fixing outlets that don’t work and you’ll save lots of frustration down the road.

If you need electrical contractor supplies for these or any other projects, call or come by CESCO’s residential electrical supply store today. We’re one of the biggest and best electrical stores near you.