Selecting and purchasing commercial electrical supplies isn’t always easy. Unlike purchasing consumable products for your office or industrial facility, you must consider a variety of factors in order to make the smartest investment. Here at CESCO, we take the time to get to know our customers and their needs. We’re able to offer advice so that you buy the exact commercial electrical supplies you need—nothing more, nothing less. Here’s a checklist of four things you should consider before purchasing these supplies for your commercial facility.

  1. Budget: This is the often the first place to start since electrical equipment and supplies come at all different price points. We know how important budgets are to businesses. We’ll look at what you have to spend and help you get what you need at prices you can afford.
  2. Durability: Different commercial environments require different levels of durability. For example, lighting fixtures for an office don’t have to withstand the harsh conditions of a warehouse or industrial facility. We take all this into account when helping you pick out your electrical supplies.
  3. Total load: For wiring and other electrical components, it’s critical to know what the load will be. A manufacturing facility that uses large machinery will have a greater electrical load than a small office.
  4. Efficiency: Many companies are interested in energy efficiency. We’ll advise you on LED lighting and other advances that will give you superior performance at a fraction of the power usage.

Call or stop by Carolina Electrical Supply Company to talk about these and other requirements for your facility. We have the knowledge and experience to help you make the right choice for your business.