When it comes to designing the layout of a bathroom, think beyond where you’ll place the tub, vanities, and cabinets. You also need to consider where you’ll place your lighting schemes and which types of fixtures you’ll choose. But did you realize that there are specific areas of your bathroom that need specific types and amounts of light? As one of the top lighting stores near you in Rock Hill, SC, Carolina Electrical Supply Company knows just what you need to do. Here are a few things to consider as you’re planning the lighting in your bathroom.

  • Mirror lights – One of the most essential places to add lighting is around or above your mirrors. Installing the right lights will help you get a better picture of what you’ll look like when you leave your home and go out in the natural light.
  • Center ceiling lights – The placement of your ceiling lights matters a great deal. Placing these lighting fixtures in the center of your ceiling will give you the best illumination. If you need advice on what would look best in your bathroom, talk to our lighting designers today!
  • Wall lights – If you have specific features to highlight, like an art piece, install a wall light. These fixtures add extra light and offer a subtle touch to any bathroom.

If you need lighting fixtures for your bathroom, call CESCO. We’re one of the best lighting stores near you and we have a team of lighting designers on staff to create the perfect look in your bathroom.