Most of us wouldn’t know what to do without electricity. But it’s the wiring behind the walls that keeps the current flowing. The type of wires you choose can make a big difference in the way your electrical system functions. Carolina Electrical Supply Company has an overview of the three most common electrical wire types.

  • Silver – Silver is considered the best material for conducting electricity, but it’s very expensive. Mainly used for industrial buildings, these types of wires help businesses get premium electrical performance at a cost savings. Silver wiring is optimal for industries that produce high-temperature conditions.
  • Copper – While silver is considered the top conductor, copper wiring is known as the gold standard. Most homes and appliances use copper wiring. Copper is a great electrical conductor and is quite flexible.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum wiring, on the other hand, is far cheaper than copper since it’s so plentiful. Like copper, aluminum is malleable. However, please note that electrical safety is a concern when it comes to aluminum wires, since they tend to produce excess heat as they conduct electricity.

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