As one of the Rock Hill, SC area’s leading suppliers of electrical contractor supplies, the team at CESCO has a lot of knowledge about the many components that make up residential, industrial, and commercial electrical systems. Wiring is at the heart of those systems. As with many electrical contractor supplies, there are different types of wiring for different applications. Copper wiring is one popular choice among electricians. Here are five important things to know about copper wiring.

  1. Copper wiring is preferred by many electrical contractors. It conducts electricity well and has a long lifespan.
  2. It’s used for building, as well as for distributing power.
  3. Copper wiring is durable. It holds up well under power surges and doesn’t corrode as easily as other types of wire.
  4. Copper wire is easy to work with. Electricians often have to manipulate wire to make it work for particular situations. When they use copper wire, they can bend it or strip it with little effort. It saves time and holds up to these changes.
  5. Copper wiring meets all standard electrical codes.

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