The changing of the seasons (and the upcoming holidays) motivates many people to make repairs, updates, or changes to their homes. However, many homeowners often put their exclusive focus on what can be seen around the house, like the paint, the roof, or the furniture. But what’s hidden behind your walls deserves attention, too. While you’re sprucing up other areas of your property, don’t forget your electrical system. Here are three examples of residential electrical supplies that can make a difference in your home throughout the winter months and beyond.

  1. Electrical outlets. It’s the time of year when people will put up holiday decorations or have houseguests staying in little-used rooms. This means they’ll discover that a forgotten electrical outlet isn’t working. Fortunately, the fix is often minor, but testing your outlets will help you avoid any inconvenience.
  2. GFCI outlets. These outlets monitor the electrical flow to avoid shocks and surges. Test these outlets using the buttons in the center of the receptacle. If you find that one isn’t working, call an electrical contractor.
  3. Light bulbs. Most folks only change their light bulbs when they burn out. But upgrading to energy-efficient LED bulbs or ENERGY STAR bulbs can save you money over time—and help the environment, too.

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